01 | Tim Hecker

02 | Shary Boyle

03 | Gary Hill

04 | Iain Baxter&

05 | Lawrence Weiner

06 | Deborah Stratman + Steven Badgett/SIMPARCH

07 | The Center for Land Use Interpretation

08 | Lize Mogel



New York Times | August 10, 1897



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OTW#08: Lize Mogel Exhibition Opening
CBC Coverage of OTW#08

Gary Hill DVD from OTW#03 released

OTW07: CLUI Publication Launched

The Center for Land Use Interpretation Exhibition
Stratman + Badgett/SIMPARCH Opening at SOVA Gallery
OTW at TRAFFIC: Conceptual Art in Canada Conference
Exhibition with Lawrence Weiner +
 Catalogue Launch for Shary Boyle Book

Exhibition with Iain Baxter&

Exhibition with Gary Hill
CBC coverage of OVER THE WIRE
Anthropomorphic Mother Opening

Sonic Palimpsests CD Release


OVER THE WIRE is a project series that creates an exchange between an established Artist and the YUKON School of Visual Arts.  Celebrating the extreme remoteness of the school, the project mediates the geographic distance by fostering a correspondence--both literally and aesthetically--between the Artist and the students.  Each semester, a set of instructions created by a distant Artist is delivered to the students in order to produce a new work.  The students in turn interpret the instructions and create the work locally for exhibition.  In addition to the exhibition of the work, each project is accompanied by a publication or multiple that is distributed in return across the country.


OVER THE WIRE is curated by Charles Stankievech