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GHOST ROCKETS is a series 12 rocket launch spectacles occurring in 12 months at different sites around the world tactically mapping the history of ballistics: from the birth of military rocketry in Europe through MIT laboratories and the NASA space program to US Military bases in the desert and DARPA research stations in the Arctic.

Adapting the form of a rock’n roll world tour, each site is paired with a pop song which inspires a choreography involving amplified sound on location, smoke grenades, lighting effects, and utlimately the rocket launch. The launches are sometimes presented as a publically accessible events but when at remote or high-risk security locations, a guerrilla interventionist strategy is enforced. A counterpoint to Stankievech's The DEW Project (a field work concerned with the birth of missile defense infrastructure), Ghost Rockets targets the relationships between speed, surveillance and spectacle as much as exploring the concepts of gravity and transcedence.

Each launch results in artifacts called talismans which function as satellite objects to the launches providing esoteric conceptual navigation. The talismans range from scorched launch pads and ignition Zippos to space crystals and meteorites.

Some of the Launches are in collaboration with local artists.


Limited Edition Hand silkscreened poster printed
by Studio Bongout, Berlin.


Catalogue forthcoming from SAAG and Foreman Gallery.

LAUNCH SCHEDULE (click on title for details):

Dark Side of the Moon (A Spectral Explosion in the Key of Imipolex G
) | ACA, Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA | June 7, 2009

Blackbird (Future Perfect of Rocket Mysticism) | NSA Spy Station, Teufelsberg, Berlin, Germany | with Haseeb Ahmed | August 10+21, 2009

Rocketman | NAZI V-2 Lab, Peenemünde, Usedome Island, Baltic Sea, Germany | with Mai Hofstad Gunnes | August 11, 2009

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds | Waterpod, NYC, New York, USA | with Will Cotton + EV Day | August 16, 2009

Telstar | NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, Pasadena, California, USA | October 3, 2009

Space Oddity | Edwards Air Force Base, Mojave Desert, California, USA | October 3, 2009

Hole in the Sky | HAARP US Air Force Ionospheric Research Observatory, Alaska, USA | October 9. 2009.

Purple Haze (A-side) | BAR-3 DEW Line Radar Station, Arctic Ocean, Canada | with Lance Blomgren | December 31, 2009.

Purple Haze (B-side) | BAR-3 DEW Line Radar Station, Arctic Ocean, Canada | January 30, 2010.

Sympathy for the Devil | Massachusetts Institute for Technology, Cambridge, Massachusettes, USA |with Haseeb Ahmed | May 17th, 2010

Space Hymn | Valaam Monastery, Valaam Island, Russia | June 21st, 2010

10000 Megawatin Totuus | Suomenlinna Island, Helsinki, Finland | June 23th, 2010

[documentation for some launches still being processed pending security clearance]


Stankievech Ghost Rockets  
New Breed | Exit Gallery | NYC, NY | Feb. 25th, 2010
Répondeur | Palais de Tokyo | Paris, France | March 2010
Dans l'Archipel du Waterpod | Occurrence, Montreal, Canada | Fall 2010
Ghost Rockets World Tour | Galerie Donald Browne | Montreal, Canada | Fall 2010
Dawson City International Film Festival | Dawson City, Yukon | April 2011
Illuminated | Yukon Arts Centre | Whitehorse, Yukon | June 2011
Over The Rainbow, Under The Radar | Foreman Art Gallery | Bishop's University | Sherbrooke, Quebec | Fall 2011
Over The Rainbow, Under The Radar | Southern Alberta Art Gallery| Lethbridge, Alberta| March-April 2012
Canadian Spirit 2012 | Thom Thompson Art Gallery | Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada | Sept 2012
Traversing Yukon Landscapes, Yukon Arts Centre | Whitehorse, Yukon | Summer 2013