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Justina M Barnicke Gallery 
Hart House, University of Toronto

January 24–March 16, 2014

With contributions by Anonymous, Abbas Akhavan, George Antheil, Gregory Bateson, BBC, Walter Benjamin, Lene Berg, Black Cat Systems, Sir Anthony Blunt, Mel Bochner, Bertolt Brecht, Adam Broomberg + Oliver Chanarin, Bill Burns, Canadian Army, Raymond Cass, Center for Land Use Interpretation, CIA, Lt. Col. Jim Channon, Dana Claxton, Jean Cocteau, Salvador Dali, DBI Architects, Jan Dibbets, Encounter Magazine, Arthur Erickson, Harun Farocki, FBI, Coco Fusco, Dan Graham, Hizbollah, Albert Hofmann, Douglas Huebler, Israeli Defense Force, Donald Judd, Yves Klein, Joseph Kosuth, Hedy Lamarr, Alfonso Laurencic, An-My Lê, Libyan Minister of Culture and Ethnic Affairs, Lucy R. Lippard, El Lissitzky, Mark Lombardi, Gordon Matta-Clark, Simon Menner, Major. Vera Michael, Lee Miller, Richard Mosse, Sang Mun, MoMA NYC, NSA, Trevor Paglen, Palestine Arab Delegation, Roland Penrose with David Sherman, Queen's Press, Walid Raad, Fabian Reimann, Steve Rowell, Peter Paul Rubens, Raúl Ruiz, Ed Ruscha, Paul Ryan, Secret Level, Joshua Simon, Robert Smithson, Edward Snowden, Anna-Sophie Springer, Charles Stankievech, Deborah Stratman, Abbott Handerson Thayer, Tor Project, Tamas St. Turba, Ubisoft, US Army, Paul Virilio, Edward Wadsworth, Eyal Weizman, Wikileaks, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Amir Yatziv, Philip R. Zimmermann, and others.

Curated by Charles Stankievech



Artist Multiple


Camouflage of Large Installations

Air Raid Precautions, Handbook No. 11

Camouflage of Large Installations by Charles Stankievech is a rare World War II handbook created by the British Government as a guide for factory owners to implement the then new theories of camouflage in order to protect industrial assets. The handbook is composed of three sections: instructional, advertising by corporations supplying camouflage services and full-page colour swatches. The full-page color swatches are particularly beautiful and when viewed aesthetically are interesting forerunners to the history of monochromes, specifically Yves Klein’s first artwork Peintures (1954): a small portfolio booklet that presents a series of monochromes. Interestingly, Klein had never made these paintings and the booklet was not a representation of work, but actually a deception used to secure his first exhibition in Paris. The contemporary artwork by artist Walid Raad / The Atlas Group, Secrets in the Open Seas, continues the tradition of monochromes and deceptions in bookworks and also completes the trinity of works included in Stankievech's exhibition CounterIntelligence (2014).

A project by Charles Stankievech

A limited edition of 10 books (with 2 artist’s editions) was printed in Berlin, including the camouflage swatches inserted as three color plates hand-painted using cosmetics by Charles Stankievech.The reprint also includes an insert of Charles Baudelaire’s “In Praise of Cosmetics,” a chapter from The Painter of Modern Life, 1863.
52 Pages (40 pages full color & a 12-page textual insert)
ISBN: 978-0-9077949-8-7