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Eye of Silence



Ultrasonic sound installation with Machine Learning Voice.




Ultrasonic sound installation with 200 kHz audio signal chain

A Sound Installation you can’t hear? Most of «The Desert Turned to Glass» exhibition is about the moments when life and consciousness emerged in the past. With the work «What is it like to Be a Bat?», I ask: What will a future consciousness be like beyond the human and how might we communicate with it? The name of the artwork quotes the provocative title of Thomas Nagel’s seminal philosophy of mind essay from 1974, in which he lays out the impossibility of the scientific methodology to know an “other” consciousness, which is grounded in embodied subjectivity. However with my work, I speculate a third way via the potentiality of “Artificial Intelligence”—something maybe intelligent, which is not the same as conscious—where I trained an AI voice to read Nagel’s essay in the frequency range that bats but not humans can hear. Using laboratory equipment to run the installation, I hint at the possibility/failure of a previously impossible mediation between species. Visitor’s in the gallery can strain their attention in the dark hoping to hear something, possibly hallucinating like our ancestors in prehistoric caves who imagined a newly born consciousness that dissolves the boundaries between animal and human.


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Courtesy KIN Brussels.