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Whispers (for WB)

architectural sound installation:

. 12 channels of audio

. with custom sound system + custom software control

. Décalage  Parisian Laundry, Montréal. April 2005.

remixed for stereo:

. Wild Information Network. NY, USA

. Art in the Air, Sound Art Festival. NB, Canada

. European Radio Network:
(Resonance104.4FM, London; ORF Kunstradio, Vienna, etc)

Video Documentation (excerpts; 6mb stream)

The Space:
In this minimal installation, all we see are several vines of thick black speaker wire creeping along the floor. At the end of each wire is a small black flower bud—a mini speaker elongated to intimate the shape of the mouth. Several wires are braided together to form each vine. As we wander through the gallery space whispers float up from the floor. Most of the time, all the vines will be whispering, and at other times all will be silent, and still at other times certain spatial patterns delineate themselves due to the particular physical arrangement of the vines and the custom software playing/routing the voices. The general space is filled with the white noise of several conflicting whispers, and only if the visitor dares to kneel down and place their ear next to a tiny speaker can they hear the different messages seeping out of the black organic vines threatening to snare them.

The Whispers:
The initial affect of this piece is in the mix of the sculptural element and the general white noise most people will hear when the ear is at standing height. I am interested in the meaning within white noise, theoretically defined as a random sampling of signals from all frequencies over a period of time. To harness the various spectrum of sounds in the human voice articulating language, the whispers are in English, French, German, Italian, and Hebrew (this is also to respect the texts original language). Of course only a few people will actually attempt to distinguish one voice from another, and for those who do, they will hear voices expressing various passages ranging form ancient texts to online encyclopedia entries. However, even though the frequencies will be perceived as ‘random,’ the content of the whispers themselves will weave together towards a projected meaning between the constellation of microsounds.

The piece loops to create an unending blanket of whispers whirling upon the floor.

Whispers [for W.B]: text/script for sound installation, Parisian Laundry, Montreal.

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