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vinyl record, turntable, slide projector, smoke machine and speaker


Gravity's Rainbow takes the 12" vinyl record of Pink Flyod's Dark Side of the Moon (1973, the same year Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow was published) and expands it into a light and sound installation. Using a slide projector, a thin sliver of light is projected across the vinyl grooves at an extremely oblique angle creating a iridescent reflection on the wall reminiscent of Saturn's rings. The soundtrack to the installation is created by placing the needle of the turntable in the last groove of the record which in turn produces a wash of white noise similar to the sound of background radiation of the cosmos as picked up from deep space radio telescopes.

Accompany the installation is the Dark Side of the Moon LP cover from the record used in the installation, a LIFE book titled "THE UNIVERSE" and photograph of the orbiting light rings.


Light Jet Photograph    
Installation View  
object Spread
LIFE Nature Library: The Universe (Book, 1971)
Page open to Spectral Star Analysis using prism.
Dark Side of the Moon (LP Cover, 1973)